PC Benchmarking Analysis

This application was built to easily import, track, and analyze benchmarking data from PC 3D applications captured with the freely available FRAPS application.  The primary design goals were to allow: Simple importation of the CSV files generated by… Read More

Company Management System

Every small business needs an efficient method to track clients, work, payments, and other key business data.  The nature and type of the data that needs tracked is dependent on your business of course, and that’s where a… Read More

Electronic Training System

All companies need to establish what their employees need trained on, and maintain the records of that training. In ISO certified corporations this is especially important and is a target of audit for both your registrars and your… Read More

Process Status Tracker

This application is designed to manage any process that follows a step by step flow.  The process flows are fully customizable and can be separated into any number of difference customers and products.  This application is very useful… Read More