Process Status Tracker

This application is designed to manage any process that follows a step by step flow.  The process flows are fully customizable and can be separated into any number of difference customers and products.  This application is very useful for any industry with defined processes, manufacturing, service, or even design.

Using the Application

Once the process flow is designed, the application will track anything with a unique identifier through the steps by reporting which step the item is waiting for, and logging who and when each step was completed.  Work instructions for each step may be integrated and controlled right in the database to display the required operations for each step.


When the data is captured, any number of useful reports can be generated to improve your processes:

  • Processing Time per step (tact time)
  • Output per associate, date, week, month
  • Status reports of quantity of items waiting for each step (work in process)

With this data at your command your company can determine processing bottlenecks and balance your work flows, calculate outputs and balance resources, and  report real time status to management or customers.

Implementation details

This application was initially developed for an Access 2003 system and does not have a 2007 version demo available at this time.  The code base is customized for a particular client, but could be modified for any end process within a reasonable time frame.  This application is capable of generating a substantial amount of data, depending on your process outputs and operation size.  Because of the large amount of data potential, a database server such as Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle MySQL is recommended.

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