Serial Traceability Log

traceability_screenThe Serial Traceability Log is database designed to track serial number data from top level assemblies down to their child components.

This is an older application based on Access 2003 capabilities.  The floating windows shown are an excellent way to navigate in earlier versions of Access, but are better replaced with Access 2007 and 2010 tabbed full screen windows.

The end user sees only dialog boxes with simple buttons to navigate to their screens.  Using preset templates, the database knows what parts in each assembly require tracking and only allows the end user to add parts related to the parent part number.  Once the assembly has all it’s parts entered, the database will no longer allow additions.  Printable reports of what was built can be output to travel along with the system and allow easy identification.  Bar codes are utilized on the output report to enable scanning at other process steps as necessary.

Feel free to download and try out this application as an example of what Graves Data Consulting is capable of.  The included file will open with Access 2003 or newer.

Download the Database

Included in the ZIP file is the free 3 of 9 extended font to enable printing of bar coded reports directly from the database.

Technical Details

User identification is pulled from Windows to eliminate the need for name and password entry

During data entry, customized message boxes can be implemented before or after data entry and the database can be expanded with specialized code that runs after parts have been added.

The current production version of this database runs with 25 or more concurrent users and over 500,000 records of data and growing.  The data itself is served from a Microsoft SQL Server to provide millions of records of scalability and fast performance.