Graves Data Consulting Application Examples

Examples of Graves Data Consulting designed applications are here to see just how far Access can go as an end user interface application.

Access Based Distributable Applications

These applications are using the design capabilities of Microsoft’s Office 2007 and newer versions of Access.  They can be run without an installation of Office Professional or a standalone version of Access by installing Microsoft’s Run Time version of Access.  The interfaces are clean, modern, and designed to be functional without requiring any skill in Access at all.

Corrective Action Tracking Database

This application is capable of tracking all types of corrective actions any ISO certified company may require.

Free to use Personal Software

Using code developed for business use, Paul Graves developed and uses The Register as a personal bank account and budget management system.  It handles any number of bank and credit accounts and features future transaction tracking for easy planning.  This application can be downloaded and used free of charge.

The Register Information

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Access 2003 Based Applications

These applications are based on the older Microsoft Office 2003 system and will run only with a licensed installation of Microsoft Access 2003 or newer.

Serial Traceability Log

This example is designed to handle input and tracking of serialization relationships between a parent assembly and child parts.  A version of this application is in use with over 25 concurrent users and more than 500,000 records of data to date stored in a Microsoft SQL Server back end.  It utilizes Windows login information to identify users but is not securely locked from editing in its production form.