Clients and Experience

Graves Data Consulting has created applications for:

  • Lucent Technologies
  • Andrew Corporation
  • Celestica International
  • Pinnacle Data Systems Inc.
  • Avnet Incorporated
  • Tech Data Corporation
  • Health Compliance Associates
  • ProWrite Inc.

In all cases the applications created were designed for specific and often technical tasks that needed to be performed by end users without any knowledge of Access.  All interfaces seen by the user are created using forms, with the end result of an application that looks and feels like any other Windows program.

Applications in use

The applications created by Graves Data Consulting have successfully been used for:

  • Failure data analysis and reporting using Oracle databases containing millions of records including detailed test yield trends, Pareto analysis, process capabilities, and measurement statistics
  • Automatic updating and e-mailing of yield control charts using Excel integration and Outlook systems.
  • Complete Defective Inventory handling of internal part failures including parent system troubleshooting data and child component tracking back to suppliers for warranty coverage.
  • Customer return management including repair history, replaced component tracking, turn around time and return status management, customer contract and warranty information management, as well as formal Failure Analysis report generation
  • Quality System Corrective Action management including 5 Why root cause analysis, containment, immediate, and long term corrective action documentation, and automated e-mail and web reporting with escalation rules to management
  • Automatable e-mailing of virtually any data available to the application using SMTP servers. Send reports in raw text, HTML, or with data attached as spreadsheets or rich text format outputs.
  • Quick and easy data entry for dock receipts and routing
  • Cycle counting tools to speed inventory audits
  • Serialization tracking from parent assemblies to child components, complete with scan able bar-coded outputs, and controlled tracking templates
  • Customer Dead on Arrival tracking from receipt data entry to shipment and analysis of repair results
  • Automated output tools to generate corporate level business metric reports integrated with Excel and PowerPoint
  • Bar Code read and verification tool to track scanned data and validate labeling to trap for human error in shipping processes
  • Complete and automated Training Management System with multiple levels of assignments against documentation, quizzes, and on the job sign off for certification of skills.  Automated notification of training assignments, due dates, and management escalations.


Graves Data Consulting is currently owned and run by Paul Graves