Introduction to Microsoft Access

Or, how to begin irritating your IT department Microsoft Access is a powerful self contained database tool that can be used to create and manage real relational databases.  It’s designed to be easy enough to use so anyone… Read More

Keeping a shared Access Database available

I can’t Open My Database! Every now and then and with seemingly no rhyme or reason, your Access database used by multiple people on the network will end up locked in a state that no other users can open. … Read More

Microsoft Access, the use and abuse thereof

What’s it good for? Microsoft Office enjoys a nearly ubiquitous deployment in many US corporations. The management of data in today’s business world often drive the over-use of spreadsheets. Eventually someone makes a handy spreadsheet, then more people… Read More

Creating a Split Microsoft Access Database

Splitting a database means separating the front end user interface from the main data tables themselves.  This can be done with separate Access files or a database server application and allows better control over the data itself and… Read More