PC Benchmarking Analysis

fraps_analysis_smallThis application was built to easily import, track, and analyze benchmarking data from PC 3D applications captured with the freely available FRAPS application.  The primary design goals were to allow:

  • Simple importation of the CSV files generated by FRAPS
  • Tracking of computer configuration data and the game or 3D application settings
  • Statistical analysis of the data using standard SPC control charts including average, min, max, standard deviations, and 3 sigma control limits
  • Detailed charting of the data in control chart formats

Using this tool, you can evaluate computer hardware in 3D applications easily, and compare results across computer platforms.  This application could easily be adapted to utilize any CSV file formats for other purposes, such as manufacturing statistical process controls.

UPDATE: Changes in Access 2013 and newer

Due to Microsoft discontinuing the support of pivot charts in Access, this database no longer generates the charts as it is.  Currently there is no plan to update the application with an alternate charting method.